Inflatable Jurassic Rush Water Slide in USA.


In early March this year, a private buyer from the United States found WINSUN Inflatables and placed an order for our inflatable water slide at an extremely fast speed. Below further details of this transaction for your reference.


What kind of outdoor inflatable slide did Gary want for his family?

In March 9th, Gary from the US sent enquiry to us through Alibaba to confirm the basic feature of the Inflatable Jurassic Rush Water Slide,which has the most favorite theme and design in the US market.This 35ft long inflatable slide is of moderate size, suitable for adults and children to use together, and is very suitable for family and friends gatherings. When used as a water slide outdoors, it is not too small for adults and will be a little stimulating for children. It can also be used as a dry slide according to needs.

Due to international time differences, we responded to the customer’s inquiry almost 5 hours later.Fortunately, Gary was still online.

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Gary’s questions on WINSUN inflatable slide to the US.

Although this was our first collaboration, it was clear from our communication that Gary was a very smart and organized person. All the questions he asked were aimed at his clear needs.

1.What is inflatable slide product size?

As a professional inflatable product manufacturer, we provide customized services for every customer. Customers can choose the design, size, color, etc. of the inflatable product according to their needs. But Gary’s needs are very clear, that is, the design and default size of our water slide, without any changes.

2.How long would shipping take for the inflatable water slide to arrive to the United States?

There are many ways to transport international goods, including by sea, by air, by express,by train. Considering that it is going to the United States, the preferred choice for transporting our inflatable slide products is sea transportation, which is the most economical. In addition, we have a long-term professional freight forwarder who can provide door-to-door transportation services(DDP)to provide convenience for customers.

Our company,WINSUN Inflatabes, is committed to delivering top-notch inflatable products within our customers’ desired timelines. We all should understand that the entire process of design, production, and transportation of inflatables requires ample time. We therefore urge our customers to plan ahead and place orders in advance based on their specific requirements.

3.How can we proceed with an inflatable product order?

We would like to present to you our standard order process which includes selecting the desired product, inquiring about the quotation including freight and delivery time, paying the deposit, designing and producing the product, making the final payment, and receiving the delivery.

Welcome to contact for any details you want to know. We guarantee timely and efficient service throughout the entire process to ensure complete customer satisfaction

4.How do we process payment?

We accept payment via Bank Transfer(T/T), Western Union, Paypal, Alibaba Insurance Order.To facilitate Gary’s operation, we suggested that the customer pay through Alibaba and drafted a credit insurance order and sent it to Gary’s email.

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WINSUN inflatable slides for sale for dealer、lessor or personal in USA?

Wholesale Inflatable slides,including water slides and dry slides for outdoor water park or event use, are mainly supplied to dealer and lessor ect. in the US and European. And for individual customers, we will also provide timely and professional services.


Professional Service we gave to Gary’s inflatable water slide in the US.

In addition to the above questions that Gary raised, we also provided more professional information about inflatable products.The most important of these is,we provide product certification that fully conforms to international standards and top-quality transport packaging that meets all international requirements.

On March 9th, our company achieved a significant milestone with our fastest transaction record in history. At 10:16, the conversation commenced with Gary, and within one hour, at precisely 11:11, they promised to cooperate with us in the future. This remarkable achievement underscores our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

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