Customized inflatable tents for our clients in winning bids in Republic of Georgia

Country: Republic of Georgia

Product: Custom Inflatable Tents for government bid


The Georgian client company was looking for an inflatable tent supplier to obtain a government tender. First, the assistant MS Ana found our professional sales manager Rayna through WINSUN‘s 16-year Alibaba store.

At the beginning, the initial communication was conducted through online chat. The main content was the specifications and parameters of the inflatable tent products required by the customer. Such inflatable tents are generally used by the government in emergency situations, and the product details and quality requirements are relatively high. Because WINSUN has been cooperating with the Romanian government and providing this type of inflatable tent products, we have no lack of experience in such situations. Then, Rayna first provided the customer with the actual pictures of the products we have made and other information, and WINSUN was the supplier the customer needed.

Of course, the customer is most concerned about the price. On the first night when the customer found us, we provided a preliminary quotation based on the customer’s needs.

Inflatable Military Tent Outdoor Use

Since the product is used for government projects, there are specific requirements for the quality and details of the product. In the subsequent communication with the customer, the main content of the communication is the quality and details of the product, such as how many layers the windows of the inflatable tent are made of, what materials are used, what purpose, etc. Moreover, after all, it is a cross-border online communication, and customers will have certain doubts, which is normal. We use various communication methods such as online, email, phone, video, etc. to alleviate customers’ concerns. WINSUN also strongly invited the customer’s boss Mr. Tarie to visit our factory. We sent an invitation letter and the customer finally agreed.

Custom Airtight Inflatable Military Tent

We started to contact for quotation and product communication details on September 9, 2023. The customer won the bid on September 22, 2023. On October 6, 2023, the customer confirmed the order and paid the deposit. During this period, the number of inflatable tents increased from the initial 3 to the final 12. The Georgian customer boss came to our factory in November and saw the finished inflatable products on site and expressed great satisfaction.

inflatable tent for emergency use

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