WST-123 Inflatable Grand Carnival Game Booth

  • Model Number: WST-123
  • Size: 2.5×6.2×3.7m/ 8.3×20.3x12ft
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China(Mainland)
  • Brand Name: WINSUN
  • Color: Customized
  • Material: 0.55mm PVC vinyl
  • Package: Carpet inside, PVC bags outside
  • Customized Service: Design, Color, Size, Banner, Logo

Winsun inflatable tents are made of high-quality PVC waterproof canvas, which is tear-resistant, having better tensile strength, better aging resistance and a long service life. It can be used safely under its own weight and level 8 wind load, and can have a continuous service life of more than 5 years.

Our design experts provide best-in-class various inflatables tailored to your needs, regardless of industry or geographic location. Our products are cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable.

All our products are fully customizable in terms of color and size. This allows you to choose your dream design and personalize it towards your needs! Furthermore, if you would like to print your brand logo onto the product, we can go ahead and digitally print it using our state-of-the-art technology.

Inflatable tents are structures made of durable fabric material that can be quickly inflated and set up for camping or other outdoor activities. These tents are equipped with air beams or tubes instead of traditional poles, which makes the set-up process faster and easier. They often come with an air pump that can inflate the tent within a few minutes.

Inflatable tents offer numerous advantages over traditional tents. Firstly, they are lightweight and portable, making them easier to carry and transport. They also require less time and effort to set up compared to pole tents. Inflatable tents are also known for their stability and durability, as the air beams provide a solid frame that can withstand strong winds and other harsh weather conditions.

Zhengzhou Winsun Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is China’s leading supplier of amusement equipment. With over 17 years of expertise in industry, the company is committed to design, research & development, customizing, manufacturing and marketing a range of dependable, efficient, high-quality inflatable products and solutions. Our extensive portfolio of inflatable amusement products is developed to address the needs of wholesalers, agents, and end users, for the widest range of applications. Our name is recognised throughout the world as standing for quality, reliability and ease of use. Supported by years of expertise, we are proud to be known as a trusted partner, providing customers with invaluable insight and support beyond the product.

As an ISO9001:2015 certified enterprise, it has passed UL, CE, ROHS, TUV certifications. Possessing sophisticated manufacturing and inspection equipment, provides 100% inspection and reporting on each product delivered to its customers so you can be assured that 100% of your parts are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards.

Why so many top customers choose our inflatables?

Customer Satisfaction – its by far the most important metric on how we measure success.

Reliability – we’ve been in business and offer inflatable products that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Outstanding products – we work with inflatable engineers to make sure our products are high quality, reliable, safe and will provide years of maintenance free.


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