WSP-442 Double Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course

  • Model Number: WSP-442
  • Size: 8x8m /26.2×26.2ft
  • Place of Origin: Henan, China(Mainland)
  • Brand Name: WINSUN
  • Color: Customized
  • Material: 0.55mm PVC vinyl
  • Package: Carpet inside, PVC bags outside
  • Customized Service: Design, Color, Size, Banner, Logo


Inflatable obstacle courses consist of various inflatable structures that participants must pass through, over, or under to reach the finish line. Inflatable obstacle courses come in all shapes, sizes and themes. Some may resemble traditional obstacle courses, with walls and tunnels to climb through and slides to slide down. There are also more specific themes, such as jungle adventures, sports-themed challenges, and even pirate ship designs. 


1. Step Entrance Optimization

Special duckbill or arc extension 5cm design reinforcement is adopted for this part depending on the specific circumstances, which can improve the service life and safety performance of products.


2. Optimization of Crawling Cloth Paving

The design changes the slide climbing cloth from the traditional separate laying method to the whole laying method.


3. Climbing Handrail Optimization

The installation requirements are unified to two-way installation (installed on both left and right sides) at an interval of about 35cm, which can provide customers with a superior and safe play experience.


4. Unified Reinforcement Process

Reinforced with 0.4 yellow fabric, which brings the product to a higher level in terms of standardization, unification, integration, aesthetics, and consistency.


5&6. Standardization of Triangular Piece Erection

Additional triangular pieces at fixed positions of product cable wind ropes are designed and processed according to standardized design and processing at reasonable intervals; the design and production processing standards are to add one no more than 2.5m.


7. Air Inlet Optimization

Professional webbing buckle 2.5cm metal buckle + 1.2m black webbing;Strong and durable, simple and beautiful.


8. Exhaust Cover Optimization

A 5cm Velcro opening added to the upper part of both sides of the air inlet cover to facilitate customers to roll up the exhaust cover and place it.


9. Safety net optimization

The connection position between the safety net and the product adopts semi-circular arc-shaped reinforcement sheet technology, which makes the connection between the safety net and the product more secure and tear-resistant.


The courses offer fun and interactive activities for children and adults, making them popular attractions for events such as birthdays, carnivals, festivals and corporate team-building events. They provide participants with the opportunity to test their agility, balance and endurance. Most designs include safety features such as soft inflatable walls, padded landing areas and netting to prevent falls and injuries. Inflatable obstacle courses have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise of specialized "obstacle course competitions". Overall, an inflatable obstacle course provides an exciting and enjoyable activity suitable for all ages. and occasion. It encourages physical activity, coordination, problem solving and teamwork while ensuring all participants have a safe and memorable experience.


Our design experts provide best-in-class various inflatables tailored to your needs, regardless of industry or geographic location. Our products are cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable.

All our products are fully customizable in terms of color and size. This allows you to choose your dream design and personalize it towards your needs! Furthermore, if you would like to print your brand logo onto the product, we can go ahead and digitally print it using our state-of-the-art technology.

The company’s corporate headquarters is currently located in Zhengzhou with  manufacturing bases in central Henan. It maintains stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure an effective quality management system, continual improvements, and excellence in customer satisfaction. As an ISO9001:2015 certified enterprise, it has passed UL, CE, ROHS, TUV certifications. Possessing sophisticated manufacturing and inspection equipment, provides 100% inspection and reporting on each product delivered to its customers so you can be assured that 100% of your parts are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards.


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Customer Satisfaction – its by far the most important metric on how we measure success.

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Zhengzhou Winsun Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is China’s leading supplier of amusement equipment. We provide cost effective, industry leading and proprietary inflatable amusement solutions for for a wide range of applications. As a professional inflatable amusement equipment manufacturer, it develops closer customer relationships and taking on a larger role in the total supply and manufacturing chain. With over 17 years of expertise in industry, the company is committed to design, research & development, customizing, manufacturing and marketing a range of dependable, efficient, high-quality inflatable products and solutions. Our extensive portfolio of inflatable amusement products is developed to address the needs of wholesalers, agents, and end users, for the widest range of applications. Our name is recognised throughout the world as standing for quality, reliability and ease of use. Supported by years of expertise, we are proud to be known as a trusted partner, providing customers with invaluable insight and support beyond the product.



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