Inflatable rocking horses will bring joy and laughter to children around the world.


Our company WINSUN is thrilled to introduce our latest innovative product: the Inflatable Rocking Horse, Inflatable Rocking Deer, Inflatable Rocking Bull, and more. These exciting new additions to our range of kid’s entertainment options are designed to provide children with a thrilling and fun experience that they won’t forget.

The Inflatable Rocking Horse is a widely popular children’s toy, engineered to generate movement through the interplay between gravity and dynamics. It operates by gravity exerting a pull on the horse’s center of gravity towards the earth, and as the rider oscillates back and forth, kinetic forces come into play, thus modifying the horse’s orientation and trajectory, thus creating the rocking effect.

As a leading manufacturer in the children’s toy industry, WINSUN understands the ever-growing demand for versatile and innovative toys. Our Inflatable Rocking Horses have become increasingly popular due to their multiple uses and added features.

Traditionally, the rocking horses have helped children improve their physical coordination and balance. However, our modernized designs now incorporate sound and light effects, as well as electronic components, to provide a more interactive and enjoyable experience for children.

Furthermore, we have taken into consideration the needs of modern families and created folding, portable and space-saving designs that make it more convenient for storage and transportation. This ensures that our rocking horses not only meet the demands of parents and children but also offer ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Trust in WINSUN for high-quality and innovative rocking horses that will bring joy and laughter to children around the world.

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