Inflatable Camouflage Camping Tent In Belgium!

This customer came from the Kingdom of Belgium. His business mainly serves fishing enthusiasts, and he often organizes and participates in fishing club activities. The customer’s main demand is outdoor camping tents, which are sold to people who need to fish outdoors for a long time. As an avid fishing club organizer, he requires outdoor camping tents that cater to his specific needs. His principal demand revolves around high-quality, durable camping tents that are tailor-made for long-term outdoor fishing expeditions.


What products does Jim need?

He was seeking inflatable camping tents of a definitive size, with a customized logo and in specified quantities. Our expertise lies in providing customized solutions to our clients, and we readily met his needs.

Jim contacted us one night in December 2023. Our professionals responded to Jim’s message as soon as possible and understood his needs.Jim’s needs are very clear, including the size, quantity and customized logo of the inflatable camping tent. These are not a problem for us WINSUN, who specializes in providing customized services.

camouflage outdoor inflatable camping tent


Why recommend inflatable stock products first?

Our stock of camouflage inflatable tents was the first recommendation for Jim, which aligned perfectly with his requirements, albeit the size.

After understanding the customer’s needs, it is determined that our camouflage inflatable tents in stock are very consistent with the customer’s needs, but the size of the product is smaller than the customer’s needs, but we recommend the existing inflatable camping tents to the customer. The main two reasons are:

1. The stock products completely met his basic needs;

2. Enabled easy shipment, and didn’t require extended production times.

After recommending the stock products, the customer accepted them. Because it was the first cooperation, the customer finally decided to buy a small camping tent in stock first, so that he could first understand the quality of our products, as well as the transportation costs and other information. Then, the cooperation between the customer and us was reached within 24 hours.

custom inflatable camouflage camping tent outdoor


Is the stock camping tent failed the customer?

The answer is NO. After receiving the inflatable tent provided by us in January 2024, the customer contacted and found some problems, such as the peeling of the inner layer of the tent, which was mainly caused by too long storage, and we quickly resolved the issues and assured the customer of higher quality in subsequent orders. And he was also very satisfied with the tent’s hill-like shape, stability when used outdoors, and camouflage color.

With ever-changing requirements, the customer re-placed a new order, mainly altering the tent’s details like the logo position, location, and size of doors and windows, and position and size of internal bags. This purchase marked the beginning of his partnership with us.

After a half-year of this successful partnership, the customer is currently in the process of initiating additional purchase plans.

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