Have you ever wondered how bounce houses were made?


Here at WINSUN Inflatables, we take special pride in our units that we make in China. We have set design teams to create new and exciting units and a team of expert sowers who make the idea come to life.

It takes time and creativity to design a new inflatable ride. Here at WINSUN Inflatables, we make sure to always try and bring you new and innovative designs to help create any bounce house that will help form the perfect aesthetic for any themed party. Once our design team has curated an idea they cut the pieces into sections.

Once the material has been cut and prepared the sowing team is ready to begin forming the unit together. This is the final stage of the process, the team lays out the pattern and begins to connect the patterns. As soon as they sowed it together, we blow it up and make sure the entire unit is up to WINSUN standards and the quality our customers are accustomed to.

The inflatable unit is finally ready to be shipped and sent over to its owners! Our team makes sure to roll up each bounce house, water slide, or even a slip & slide carefully and into a tight roll, in a neat package.

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