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    • Inflatable batting cage game


      Inflatable batting cage is a kind of simple baseball game which is designed for common people who like playing baseball. It can also be called inflatable baseball field or golf field, blow up batting cage and inflatable baseball batting cage.

    • Inflatable Disco Combo


      Inflatable advertising products is more and more popular nowadays since its attractive features like easy to move, costless, easy to clean, etc. inflatable advertising products use oxford cloth and PVC material to insure safety and comfortable. Our inflatable advertising products contains many vary design which will meet your satisfy and attractive .

    • Inflatable bouncer with pool for indoor & outdoor


      Made of 100% commercial grade PVC leather with fun slide and ball pool. This bouncy castle with pool can be used as water slide when fill the pool with water, Kids won’t feel the heat while playing.In addition,PVC leather is easier to clean & sanitize, less easy to develop mold.

    • How to use the inflatable seesaw correctly


      Hundreds of inflatable seesaw game for kids are produced by our factory, it is very hot sale for indoor playground or kindergarten. More and more clients want to know how to use it correctly and what do we need to notice when using?

    • Bring your beautiful Rainbow water slide to your backyard this summer !


      First,let us see the theme of this slide,there is one inflatable rainbow arch in front of the slide which is eye catching for boys and girls. There are 2 palm trees on the top of the slide, printing of the palm trees on each side of the slide which is very suitable for the summer time.

    • How to Clean a Bounce House in 5 Easy Steps


      Cleaning your kid's bounce house is an easy process: 1.Vacuum the bounce house 2.Spray dirty spots with cleaner 3.Scrub with a soft brush 4.Rinse and pat dry any leftover cleaner 5.Dry the bounce house before storing

    • Skiing and BMX airbag landing


      1. Features Fully customizable size, shape and design The shape and size of the AirBag LANDING are fully customizable meaning it can be manufactured to cover virtually any landing surface, ramp, hill or contour. An inflatable safety barrier can also be added on the sides of the landing area to prevent riders from sliding off the AirBag. Adjustable softness and firmness

    • Popular Inflatable Slide Combo Unicorn


      Make it great today! Sliding and jumping in a fun unicorn world: with the eye-catching jumping area with the Slide Combo it's all possible. These inflatables are a great attraction to children, thanks to the original designs, fun 3D figures and funny animations. This moonwalk with slide in unicorn theme has everything to make a party!

    • Customized inflatable models for your event


      Inflatable Models are the ideal and likeable eye-catcher for your events, trade fairs and events. We create a 3-dimensional model for you on the computer in order to reproduce your product or your brand as precisely as possible. Colors, shapes and materials can be selected and will be selected, printed and processed in close consultation with you. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to implementing your design for the 3D inflatables. Just talk to us and we will work out your inflatable product models together with you!

    • Wet vs. Dry Inflatable Slides -- Key Differences You Should Know


      If you are looking for suitable inflatable slide for event or rental. you should first know that there are different types of slides. Each has its own characteristics and features, and you should understand these first before choosing one. we’ll be sharing with you essential details about inflatable slides as well as wet/dry and dry-only slides. Use the information below to choose the right slide and make your party or event amazing!

    • washing machine bounce house


      This washing machine bounce house we can see the realistic washing machine appearance. Can use Foam Machine produce many bubbles. kids will have much fun with this inflatable amusement. we can redesign and custom it according to your ideas.

    • Skid Loader Bouncer


      This NEW 7.3x5.3x5m Skid Loader Bouncer is just COOL! This bouncer has awesome graphics and has a bounce area, basket ball hoops inside for your active kids to bounce, jump, and play! This Skid Loader Bouncer is PERFECT for your party or event and is perfect for your home, church, or school event for boys and girls.

    • What is the best inflatable water slide


      Summer is coming, do you plan to get some inflatable water slide for play? The popular inflatable water slide recommend to you pretty inflatable purple water slide!

    • Basketball connect 4 game


      Our giant basketball connect four game have become one of the hottest game since 2018 when it come out. Actually we are the very first one in the China to learn about the creativity and transform it into inflatable version.

    • How do I know if a bouncy castle is safe


      When operated in a public setting there are several things the licensed contractor should be monitoring and looking for. For a parent’s sound of mind the general public can check out the following things:

    • Several tips when using inflatable water slide


      When you are playing with the inflatable water slide, you do not want the fun associated with these items to be cut short by unwanted injuries. Once you follow the following safety tips, your family will have fun and feel safe at the same time.



      We design, build and install the best immersive inflatable theme parks around the world

    • Are you looking for a multifunctional water slide?


      This inflatable water slide is modular and frequently used in amusement park, various events and parties, very popular now, the most important, the second half of this slide is detachable, you can carry out two different types of assembly according to needs, it can also save you costs and attract customers. The assembly effect diagram is as follows:

    • Your Children bounce,Playground Is It Safe?


      Children love sport and adventures of the outdoors, and ensuring your jumping inflatable castles,slides is in good condition,repair and safe is first priority as a administrative staff or parents.

    • Inflatable Axe Battle game let your inner Viking out!


      日语 原文 We have making a live broadcast for the Inflatable Axe Battle game on 30th Nov 2020 The inflatable Axe Battle game is a must-have for competitions, school activities and other festive events. Try hitting bull's-eye with the axes, the axes stick to the target on velcro. A fun game for both young and old!

    • Ready? Aim--- Fire!


      Imagine yourself to be the new Robin Hood with IPS Archery. Shoot the interactive spots with bow and arrow and score as many points as possible. Play against each other and create a challenging competition! Try shooting from different distances and keep track of the score with the IPS system. Prefer to score points with a football? That is of course also possible!

    • Inflatable Stunt Jump Game


      Ever wonder what it is like for a stunt man to fall on one of those inflated beds after falling from a building or a fireman jumping from a building?

    • Advantages Of Inflatable Air Tight Tent


      air tight tents are also be called as sealed tent. The sealed tent are not only used as military tents, they can also be rescue tent, relief tent, construction operation tent, troop camping tent, battle game temporary hospital inflatable tent, temporary meeting room or other amusement tents. So the air tight inflatable tent are really widely use.

    • Bounce House Safety Rules


      It is very important that you and everyone who operates the inflatable has a full understanding of the safe operation and use of the inflatable. If you are staffing the inflatable, please make sure that everyone understands the safety rules and reads through the owners manual to ensure that the kids are safe.

    • How to clean your bouncer house


      Why Cleaning A Bounce House Is Important Regularly cleaning a bounce house will increase the longevity of the play structure for years. Here's why: 

    • Inflatable airbag landing for BMX sports


      BMX stands for Bicycle MotoCross. It's a form of bicycling that is meant to mimic MotoCross motorcycles. There are all sorts of competitive BMX sports including racing and stunt BMX, however, BMX is also a recreational activity enjoyed by millions of kids throughout the world. You should always wear good shoes and a helmet when riding any type of bike. With a BMX bike it is recommended that you also where gloves; pads; and arm, thigh and shin guards. This sounds like a lot of stuff, but if you are going to be racing or doing BMX stunts or jumps you need to protect yourself. Remember, safety always comes to the first. Even though you do a lot of protection for the BMX sports, injuries happened sometimes. Even professional BMX riders will get hurt because of difficult action, they may break the legs, arms, shoulders. Inflatable airbag landing is perfectly designed for BMX sports, the riders will land on the soft ramp to the ground safely, your BMX fun is protected by our airbag landing. The revolutionary design and fully customizable shape means the jump bag adopts the contour of the landing area it covers, providing fall safe protection at the knuckle, on the landing ramp itself and finally in the run out area. The result is an ultra realistic training platform that mimics a real landing ramp delivering better impact absorption than a foam pit while still remaining more forgiving than a resi ramp.

    • Inflatable medical tents are used to quickly establish isolation hospitals in response to new coronavirus


      For new corona viruses, the prevention and control method in China is to establish quarantine hospitals to receive confirmed patients, reduce the ability to spread, reduce the number of people going out, and wear masks for everyone, so that they can be well controlled. With the spread of the new coronavirus, more and more countries need to build isolated hospitals to accommodate patients. The rapid prototyping of inflatable medical tents is just enough.

    • The most suitable sport in winter -- Zorb ball


      In the cold winter season, we usually need some sports to warm up. , The Yo Yo is an amusement device that can be played all the year round. In winter, rolling around in the snow is even more exciting. The yo yo can roll freely or restrict their movement track through some raceways. On the one hand, it can compete and ensure safety. If you are interested in Zorb, you can search "zorb" directly on the product page to view relevant products

    • Inflatable Jail Break Game


      This is a secret room with escape theme. Players need to look for their own tools like an escape room to find clues step by step. This theme does not have the horror elements of the previous Halloween theme, but it adds other mechanism links, which requires more players to analyze and guess, and finally escape from the secret chamber

    • Lightning McQueen theme inflatable large slide


      You should be familiar with the movie "general mobilization of racing", which tells about a fashionable racing dream that stands out in the racing competition on Route 66 and becomes a new idol in the field of racing. But unexpectedly, he lost his way on the way to the competition, broke into a strange town and started an unexpected journey The main character of the story is the fiery sports car - Lightning McQueen. Our new slide is based on him

    • IAAPA's hottest products-Halloween Escape Room


      IAAPA exhibition has just come to an end, and the secret room escape game brought by WINSUN is also very popular. our company specializes in designing this haunted house theme product: thrilling room escape

    • Escape from the Secret Chamber of Human Game


      We have been exposed to a lot of games from childhood to the conference, and from the original computer games to real-life games, the most popular thing is that the secret room escaped. It usually has a lot of thematic scenes, and our product has made a horrible theme for Halloween. Players need to find key clues together to get the key to the exit, triggering a series of organs along the way, the process is full of unknown stimuli. If you're interested, check out the product page.

    • The new inflatable family camping tent


      Family camping trip is always a memorable, bonding experience that is best enjoyed with quality camping gear. Whether you're out in the great outdoors for an overnight with the children or for a week with all the cousins and inlaws, a good quality family tent can make all the differences in your camping Experience.

    • Romanian customer planning disaster relief emergency area, using our inflatable tent


      They come from the government procurement department and plan a disaster relief area with front-line disaster relief and back-office medical care. We designed the site planning and equipment for him. The first batch of 300 tents has arrived at them. “The inflatable tent is very portable, I just need to lay out the layout, plug in the fan, wait for him to stand up and form it,” Thomas said. There will be fixed nails on the tent to ensure that some strong winds are resisted. Needless to say, rain and snow, after all, his material is high quality PVC. The customer building park is also equipped with a range of other necessary equipment that looks great. Give us feedback in the later stage, we will adopt it in time.

    • Inflatabe Tic Tac Toe N 4 In A Row Game


      Tic-Tac-Toe is a continuous bead game on 3*3 grids. It is similar to Gobang. It is named because the chessboard usually does not draw borders and the grids are arranged in well letters. The only tools needed for the game are paper and pen, and then two players representing O and X take turns to leave markers in the grid (generally speaking, X is the first player). If any three markers form a straight line, they will win.

    • Giant inflatable Playground invites you to experience


      Today, our company independently designed and produced a set of combined inflatable paradise. Its overall color is blue and white, is a color close to the blue sky and sea, pleasing people's mood. He includes five major events. They are sliding, trampoline, obstacle clearance, torrential brave advance, six-man game of grabbing the ball. The overall size is 22 meters long and 13 meters wide.

    • Water Paradise, Passionate Summer


      The hot summer has arrived. People usually go to a place called Water Paradise. Large water park, complete amusement facilities will bring comfort to people in hot summer. We have dozens of water park designs, all kinds of equipments are matched together for your choice.

    • Air-filled tents for military disaster relief


      On Earth, there are some disasters happening every day, which is not what people like. Natural disasters can not be avoided, people only have rapid disaster relief support to reduce losses and personal injury. Today I'm going to introduce an inflatable disaster relief tent. The inflatable structure determines its portability. It can be quickly brought to the disaster relief area and inflated three main structures, thus forming an inflatable shelter. Is the first choice for emergency medical relief

    • Inflatabe Basketball Shoot Game


      Basketball is a very interesting sport. In our childhood sports classes, we often have this game. And there is a very handsome action in basketball called shooting. Today, our company launched a shooting game, so that we do not need a big basketball court, just need to experience the joy of basketball in this inflatable game. Quickly go to the product page to search for WSP-247

    • Inflatable IPS Drum Kit Music Game


      Maybe we've seen an instrument in rock music in the movies, a drum rack. Knock on his feelings, always look at the sound. Now our company is also launching the same drum shelf IPS game. His appearance is designed according to the prototype of drum shelf. There will be lights flashing on it. Where is the light and where is the knock? At the same time, he can also experience the rock and roll pleasure of drum beating. Go to the product page and search for "Inflatable IPS Drum Kit"!

    • Inflatable Ice Cream Theme Truck


      The hot summer has arrived. In summer, besides air conditioning, people often like some kind of cold drink. That's ice cream. Buying an ice cream can cool down quickly and enjoy its taste. Today we're launching an ice-cream-themed inflatable truck tent. Let our children fully experience the feeling of buying and selling ice cream

    • Inflatable Tiger Obstacle Course


      Barrier Crossing Competition, we launched a new product, using the tiger as the prototype. Different from other conventional products, the appearance mainly uses blue and white, more graphical cartoons. Try to make people feel relaxed and exciting atmosphere of breaking through customs

    • IPS Game Inflatable Interactive Arena


      Recently popular product - inflatable lamp shooting game So far, our company has produced three styles and play methods, and has been well received by customers. Today we are here to show you one by one. His interestingness and competitiveness are the best choices for you and your friends.

    • Want to experience the feeling of a slippery rope in the air?


      Skid ropes were first used in mountain self-rescue and military assault operations, and then evolved into recreational projects, which are challenging, stimulating and entertaining modern sports and recreational projects. Slide down at a higher speed with the help of height difference. Make tourists feel excitement and satisfaction in the thrilling pleasure.

    • Inflatable Shipwreck Crawl Game


      Titanic is a high-score movie we all know. The film tells a series of stories about a ship touching an iceberg and then submerging. It reflects many people's lack of experience in emergency rescue and human selfishness and indifference.

    • Inflatable Toys Market Growing Rapidly Due to Rapid Acceptance of Product Across Globe


      The global inflatable toys market can be segmented on the basis of product type, category, age, end-user, distribution channel, and geography. Based on product type, the inflatable toys market can be categorized into pool toys, bouncers & playhouses.

    • Spotted Dog Theme Bounce House Series


      Every child or adult likes several kinds of animals. Dogs are the most common and acceptable pets. Dogs tend to be very close to their children and protect them, producing strong feelings. Today, our company launched this spotted dog theme trampoline, the appearance design fully reflects all the elements of the dog. If you are interested, go to the product page to search for "Spotty Dog" keywords!

    • Inflatable American Football Sports


      American football is a kind of football. It is the most popular sport in the United States and the top four professional sports in North America. American football originated from British football. After it was introduced into the United States, the rules changed. Instead, it adopted offensive and defensive lines to fight for the ball, without running restrictions, and could throw the ball forward. The purpose of this sport is to push the ball into the opponent's end zone to score. There are many scoring methods, including holding the ball across the baseline, throwing it to the teammate behind the baseline, or kicking the ball directly on the ground. Shooting through the middle of two post. At the end of the game, the team with more points won. American football is a contact sport with strong antagonism. Because of the strong physical collision with the opponent players in the game, the players need to wear helmet and protective gear.

    • Inflatable Snow Globe sprayed with snow trees and snowflakes


      In response to the snowy weather background, our company launched snowflake-themed Snow Globe, sprayed cartoons of snow trees and snowflakes, and used light-emitting materials, when the night or lost light, the surface pattern will be reflected. Add a touch of winter color to the night

    • The annual Christmas is coming!


      With the arrival of the annual Christmas season, we have done a lot of Christmas series products before, go to the product page to search for "Christmas" keywords, to find your favorite products bar! uuuuuuuuuu Christmas, also known as Christmas and the birth of Jesus, is translated as "Christ Mass", a traditional western festival, which originates from Christianity and is on December 25 of the Gregorian calendar. Mass is a kind of church service. Christmas is a religious holiday, because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, so it is called "Christmas". [1] Most Catholic Churches celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve on December 24, or midnight Mass in the early morning of December 25, while some Christian Churches celebrate Christmas on December 25. Another major branch of Christianity, the Orthodox Church, celebrates Christmas on January 7 each year. Christmas is also a public holiday in the western world and many other areas, such as Hong Kong and Macao, Malaysia and Singapore in Asia. During the Constantine period (313 AD), the Roman Church became accustomed to celebrating the birth of the Lord on December 25.

    • Amazing Magic Bounce House and Slide


      Everyone's childhood is more or less attracted by a magical thing on TV. That's magic! Whether it's magic or fighting with magic like Harry Potter, it's something everyone was amazed and liked to see when they were young. We are now launching a magic-themed trampoline, which sprays cartoon wizards and magic brooms and so on. Go to the product page for details.

    • Customer Real Feedback! Dinosaur paradise!


      Recently, our company's dinosaur park products were exported to Japan, and customers began to play for tourists the next day after setting up the venue. Dinosaur theme has always been a cool theme for children, and the small dinosaurs within the park for close contact have been specially loved by our company to make children more acceptable and loved.

    • "Justice League" theme trampoline slide


      "Justice League" adapted from DC comics is the fifth expansion of the DC universe. The story takes place after Batman Wars Superman: Dawn of Justice. It mainly tells the story of six heroes, Superman, Batman, Magic Woman, Lightning Man, Sea King and Steel Bone, who meet to confront this unknown threat in the face of a new world threat.

    • Despicable Me theme bounce house


      Despicable Me narrates Xiaohuang people's "pre-Gru era" and traces back the origin of Xiaohuang people in particular. Xiaohuang people always provide loyal services to their masters, conscientiously and without complaint, until they "kill" every master. After painfully losing one master after another, the Xiaohuang people trapped in the ice cave became more and more anxious. They decided to step forward and go to the flower world to find another host to serve. Now we launch the Despicable Me trampoline. Let's go to the product page.

    • Western wilderness theme bounce house


      A new PS4 game, Red Dead: Redemption II, was produced by Rockstar San Diego Studio. Rockstar released an action adventure game based on the pioneering history of the western United States. It is a sequel to the 2010 company's "Wild Bodyguard: Redemption II". It's very hot and the game details and plot are perfect. Now we have launched a trampoline with the theme of western cowboy.

    • Frozen Bounce House


      "Frozen" adapted from Andersen's fairy tale "Snow Queen", tells the story of a small country, Arendell, forever covered by snow and ice because of a magic spell. In order to recover summer, Princess Anna and mountain folk Christopher and his reindeer partner set out to launch an adventure to save the kingdom. Now we have launched the trampoline slide with the theme of this movie.

    • Snow and ice slides, a wonderful encounter between Antarctic penguins and polar bears.


      It will soon be winter, and there are two places on earth that are always in cold winter, the Antarctic and the Arctic. Today we bring a trampoline with an Antarctic Arctic theme that combines the polar representations: the sprouting polar bear, and the Antarctic representations: the gentleman's penguin. The theme color of the product is white with ice and snow, and it is decorated with prints. Go to the product page for details.

    • Sesame Street bounce house


      Sesame Street is a children's education television program produced by the American Public Broadcasting Association (PBS). It was first broadcast on National Education Television (the predecessor of PBS) on November 10, 1969. It is by far the largest number of children's Emmy Awards ever received (153, as of 2009). This program combines puppet, animation and live performance to teach children basic reading, arithmetic, color names, letters and numbers, and sometimes basic life knowledge. Many of them have become models of other TV programs competing to imitate.go to the product page search

    • "PAW Patrol" bounce house and slide


      "PAW Patrol" is a series of action adventure animated cartoons launched by Nick's Children's Channel in the United States. It was premiered in the United States on August 12, 2013 through Nickelodeon. The film tells the story of a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy, Ryder, who trained six puppies and two others to form a powerful dog patrol. Each puppy has a distinct personality, and each has its own strengths. Our company launched a series of inflatable products, such as trampoline and slides, and has different color schemes and play, go to the product page search

    • Dark Spiderman theme crawl game


      Spider-Man movies must be familiar to everyone, and the latest release of Venom has set off a box office storm in Europe and America. As early as in Black Spider-Man, there was a venom story: Parker became more arrogant and angry and began to hurt people who really cared about him. Spiderman produced a venom symbiosis because of his inner arrogance. Today our company has introduced spider crawling products with dark elements, the design is mainly black, go to the product page search bar!

    • Car racing series slide


      Car Racing Story is an animated film co-directed by John Russert and Joe Lambert and dubbed by Irving Wilson, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt. It was released in the United States on June 9, 2006, in Taiwan, China, and on August 22, 2006 in mainland China. At present, there are third. The film tells the story of a fashionable nifty racing talent shows itself in the dream of Route 66 on the road racing championship, becoming the new idol car. But he was unexpectedly lost on the way to the race, and broke into a strange town, unfolding a story of an unintended journey beyond imagination. Many people will like the role of the film, today our company designed and developed a theme of sliding trampoline, interested in the product page search

    • SpongeBob SquarePants series trampoline


      SpongeBob is one of the most popular animated series in the history of American television programs. SpongeBob is a yellow square sponge. He lives in a pineapple on Bikini Beach (Pants Village, Bitchburg). His pet is a small snail called "cat-cat". SpongeBob likes to catch jellyfish and is a professional. It's the number one chef in the The Krusty Krab. Both the big star and shendy are his friends. SpongeBob can always make trouble for a quiet world. Although he makes some jokes, he can always get out of trouble and create new troubles. Today our company brings a sponge baby theme trampoline, like the sponge baby series go to the product page search oh!

    • Small elephant slide with water tank


      Today we bring a small elephant slide, the product prototype is designed by the body of a small elephant. His long nose was just a slide, and the children slid down to the bottom of the pool, splashing layers of water, bringing endless fun.

    • Inflatable space Castle


      I believe everyone has a dream of flying into space when he was young. Space is the most distant and beautiful existence for us, and today our company brings you a space castle. Both the design and the engraved patterns match the elements of the space perfectly. Let's go to product page search.

    • Inflatable arena for American football


      American football is a kind of rugby sport, the most popular sport in the United States, the first of the four major professional sports in North America. Now our company is launching inflatable American football courts where people can play games with enough security. Let's go to product page search.

    • Shark Bounce House


      In the summer months, not only are there shark movies, but also this shark trampoline that I'm going to introduce. The sharks in movies are usually fierce and bloody, but our inflatable trampoline keeps the shark's natural design as much as possible, while animating and beautifying it to look more acceptable to visitors and children. Go to product page search shark trampoline to learn more!

    • Rabbit trampoline


      Many children and girls like sprouting animals. Rabbit is one of the most representative ones. Now we're launching a new rabbit trampoline, which is designed to square rabbits'four feet and play in the rabbit's "belly" area. The top of the trampoline is a lovely rabbit's head. Go to the product page and search the rabbit trampoline.

    • immortal Whac-A-Mole game


      Today, we bring a new product that we are familiar with. Everyone will play this game on the mobile phone or on the tablet, we have made a live version of the game is the same as hand games, you can take 6-8 friends to play together. Go to product page search for details.

    • One Crossbeam battle


      The new cross-beam battle is based on a two-person battle, each armed with an inflatable weapon, wearing protective gear, you can duel on the narrow beam, the loser will fall into the protective platform on both sides. The equipment is all inflated, so the safety is guaranteed. Search for a crossbeam on the product page, buy him to fight with your friends.

    • we bring an avenger League series bounce house


      And the second story of the avenger alliance, I can give you a look back: The war-worn superheroes developed job burnout, and Tony Stark, who had unloaded his steel armor, invented Austria, a self-conscious, learning artificial intelligence robot, and handed over the task of commanding the robotic Legion to Austria. To the superheroes'surprise, the evolving Austrian Chuang came to the conclusion that "humans are the greatest threat to the planet" and began to carry out a plan of destruction to clean them up. The powerful transforming siblings, Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch, also helped create trouble. The avenger alliance must assemble again to solve the crisis that they themselves created. Product page search vengeance alliance can come out related products.

    • Red and blue larde slide


      The slide series has many colors and sizes for you to choose from. You can also take pictures to consult, we can customize the height width you want and so on.

    • Launch the big inflatable slide!


      On a hot summer day, it's the most comfortable to go to the water park, and the most exciting and refreshing thing about the water park is, of course, the feeling of flying from the top down to the bottom. Today we have a new ejection large slide to show you how cool it is to fly. Product page search for water slides can see more products.

    • Inflatable Connect Four Basketball Games


      Basketball is a sports game that we can touch from an early age. Then a basketball game toy is introduced. Its play is to stand at a fixed distance, like the distance between three points and two points in the basketball game. Shooting is a good sport for families and schools. Go to the product page to search for a detailed understanding of this product.

    • Dinosaur series bounce house


      Although dinosaur fossils have existed on the earth for tens of millions of years, it was not until the 19th century that such strange animals were known to exist on the earth. There are many kinds of dinosaurs, but any animal is very cute when they are young. Our company has two new dinosaur trampoline and large inflatable paradise. There are many dinosaur elements in it. Lovely little dinosaurs play games with you. If you like to click on the product page to search for the dinosaur, you can see the corresponding products.

    • Dinosaur theme park


      Although dinosaur fossils have existed on the earth for tens of millions of years, it was not until the 19th century that such strange animals were known to exist on the earth. There are many kinds of dinosaurs, but any animal is very cute when they are young. Our company has two new dinosaur trampoline and large inflatable paradise. There are many dinosaur elements in it. Lovely little dinosaurs play games with you. If you like to click on the product page to search for the dinosaur, you can see the corresponding products.

    • Inflatable football door


      The world cup is over. I believe many people are still immersed in the joy of winning France. Today, this product can enable people who like football to achieve shooting practice in an open space, and imagine themselves as C Lo or Messi. The inflatable football door is designed with a simulated goal. The bottom green represents the lawn, the top prints show the net, and several holes on it can be represented as the place that the goalkeeper does not defend. If you can kick one of the holes in the door, it proves that you broke through the defense of the virtual goalkeeper. It's really an exciting thing.

    • Farm themed trampoline


      The size of this trampoline is 5.6x4x3m. The color of the bottom of the air cushion is grass green, which is equal to grass, and the upper part is brown wood grain. The side still has small windows. All kinds of cute animals, such as animals, cattle, sheep and pigs, are printed on it. In the trampoline, there will be several roosters in the nest. The details are done very well So is the quality.

    • Inflatable Pub Tent


      New bar tent, first of all, say his color and size. Name: Inflatable Pub Tent Size: 10 x 6 x 6 m OR Customized Color: Brown, Black, White His large space can accommodate more than 15 people, so that you and your friends can enjoy the pleasure of the bar in the tent. His exterior design is the whole ancient style, and the two big barrels at the entrance. It's very charming.

    • Inflatable boxing ring


      Inflatable boxing table Sports are diverse, and inflatable sports games are also diverse. Today we will introduce an inflatable boxing stand, using the conventional red and blue duel, so that everyone can feel the feeling of the boxing ring more easily.

    • Digital baby series bounce house


      Digital baby series trampoline. Digital babystory synopsis: in 1999, because of the abnormal proliferation of digital animal world, the connection between the digital beast world and the real world was in disorder. There is a strange natural phenomenon on the earth: there is no rain in Southeast Asia, all the ponds dry up; the Middle East is flooded by heavy rain, the United States has the coldest winter in history, and Japan suddenly drops the snow. The teenage eight gods and one of his 6 companions joined the summer camp, but they came to the digital world. The eight God's sister, oc8, did not go to the summer camp because of a cold, and then joined them. A total of eight people, with their respective digital beasts, began an adventure.

    • Madagascar Bounce house series


      Madagascar language:After four good partners fled Africa, they desperately wanted to return to New York. In accordance with the Convention, penguins and monkeys are asked to help, and in accordance with the Convention they will also mess up the whole plan, so in accordance with the practice, the four good brothers found themselves in the wrong place in the wrong place - Monte Carlo. Their arrival shocked the local animal control center. After several rounds of fighting, the animals joined a European tour circus for protection. On the day of the circus, they were so proud of themselves that the performance on the road also awakened the desire and enthusiasm of the four animals in their performance. Later, they returned to New York, but found that New York had not been so beautiful as they had imagined, and killed them. At last, the members of the circus saved them back and returned to the circus and began their hot life.

    • Peppa Pig inflatable slide combination trampoline


      New products go on the market! The most recent animated cartoon is Peppa Pig Inflatable Bouncer! Winsun also catch up with the trend to launch an inflatable trampoline with the prototype of the piglet's family, and it is a combination of slide trampoline. The main products are purple and pink, which depict the family of Paige, playing side by side with his friends. I believe such products can be enjoyed by many children and even adults.

    • Inflatable Wedding Themed Bouncy Castle is for Bride and Groom's happiness!


      Inflatable wedding themed bouncy castle is inflatable white bouncy castle for wedding. Most of the inflatable jumping castles are used in parks, leisure centres, carnival parties etc. for kids to have fun. Now there is the inflatable wedding themed bouncy castle for Bride and Groom's happiness.

    • The inflatable connect four basketball game can only be found in Winsun Inflatables!


      After more than three months of research and development, Winsun launched the inflatable connect four basketball game. During the R&D process, we tried to make a variety of samples, constantly improved the production process and changed the materials, finally made qualified product. It's the inflatable connect four basketball game.

    • Winsun US Company has been founded in 2018!


      Breaking news: Winsun US company has been founded in 2018! Winsun Inflatables set up an office in the United States to face the customer directly. The U.S. office will become a offline experience center, where will show inflatable product samples for customers to experience by their selves.

    • Great Prices Inflatable Games in stock!


      Having trouble in meeting the delivery date? Worrying about not delivering the products on time? Winsun is taking your difficulties into consideration. Winsun could provide lots of in stock products for immediate shipment. Just contact with Winsun to choose what you want.

    • Successful Event:Sold Out Over 300 Tickets Per Day!


      Winsun inflatable team cooperated with Zhengzhou FM91.2 to hold an exciting carnival event. For this event, Winsun team brought several fun inflatable games, such as inflatable giant obstacle course, inflatabe minions bounce house, inflatable connect four game, fun soccer game with inflatable bumper balls and so on.There is no doubt that it's an successful event. Cause Winsun team had sold out 300 tickets per day!

    • 2017 Halloween is coming !


      Do you realize there are only 75 days left for 2017 Halloween? Producing perfect inflatables and the process of international trade all take time. Two months is not long enough. " Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin" mother Teresa said.

    • Maybe you have missed the super moon last night!


      Supermoon on November 14 was the biggest since 1948 and also because was the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. Because of bad weather and some other reasons, maybe many people did not have the opportunity to the see the supermoon. It's a pity.

    • Which Is Your Favorite Hero?


      There are thousand of heros like Super Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor Thor, Hulk, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Ant Man etc. So which is your favorite hero? It's hard for us to tell the answer immediately.

    • About us


      Winsuninflatables was established in 1998, Located at ZhengZhou,HeNan province.Our factory total area of 20000 Square meters,specialist in bounce houses,jumping castles,slides,fun lands, sports, obstacles, tents, pools, water games,arches,advertisement inflatables etc.We have become one of the leading manufacturer of inflatable products. In order to keep our reputation for the superior quality, all our designers, production team with more than 10 years experience,only the best material and equipment is utilised in the manufacturing process.For establish win-win cooperation,we ensure all customers receive great quality products with a competitive price and reliable service.Our products comply with CE,EN14960.We had cooperated with some Top quality standard customers/brands in USA,Europe and Australia inflatable industry.We glad to OEM, ODM products for you. Welcome to visit us any time!

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      we wisnun give you professional service.